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a tote a day

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the calm before the (sewing) storm

I used a sewing machine a bit when I was little, but only started again in earnest about 2 years ago only when I was given my Gran’s old Viking Husqvarna 3010, fully signing up to the craft revolution along with the rest of East London. My mum used to make all her clothes back in the day and is pretty handy with a sewing machine, so she’s been holding my hand as I’ve progressed through sewing straight seams, quilting and zips. Excellent (and patient) teacher though she is, I’m a methodical soul and in the name of confidence-building, recently took a beginners sewing course at the Make Lounge to make a simple tote bag.

colour coordinated fabrics

I was afraid I was going to go into fabric-overwhelm when I arrived, but my pattern radar homed in on these two in the first couple of minutes:

which one to choose

The slow-to-medium pace was just right in helping me through my constant mini-panics and keeping me progressing at the same time. The teacher was great and I had a relaxed but satisfying sewing experience (NB. the wine definitely helped).

at the foot of the janome

I loved the Janome machines we used in the course, and I am sorely tempted to buy one, if it weren’t for the guilt of selling out to a modern and less beautiful machine than my Gran’s. My Viking sadly has some key problems and so the debate continues – pay a lot of money to fix it (or perhaps not) or pay slightly more money to buy a new modern one.

tote in the making

I’m pretty pleased with the end result, which has found its calling hanging from the kitchen door as a cloth-bag storer.

Usually, I would never consider making anything on a Monday night after a long day at work, but this course has inspired me to overcome the need for a long free Sunday.

totes lush


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