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chevron friendship bracelets

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This month I have been re-visiting a childhood obsession: making friendship bracelets.

I couldn’t get them out of my head since seeing one on the blog What Taylor Made. Just thinking about them was a blast from the past, and reminded me of long hot summers when I was a child with a couple of friendship bracelets permanently attached to my wrist. And the inevitable sad moment when you have to cut them off as the knot is too tight to un-do, which means the end of the bracelet, and also the end of the summer.

I felt compelled to buy up a range of embroidery thread in ice cream colours and google a few tutorials. I found the you tube vids by Beyond Bracelets particularly helpful. I can’t believe how completely I’d forgotten how to make them. I guess it has been about 20 years!

As I’ve been visiting my little niece, I decided to make mother and baby bracelets. I was particularly pleased with how my niece’s one came out.

I’m loving the retro vibe and I’m already looking forward to making autumn / winter versions, in darker colours. Here’s to reviving the trend!

PS. I must have had chevrons on the brain: here’s a slightly more sturdy bracelet I bought in Hub the other day.


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