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virago modern classics: designer collection


When I saw these beautifully patterned hardback Virago Modern Classics, they stopped me in my tracks. I bought a couple right there on the spot, as I couldn’t bear to leave without them.

‘my cousin rachel’ by daphne du maurier and ‘the tortoise and the hare’ by elizabeth jenkins

Even though I’m an avid blog reader, I’ve never liked the idea of e-books. I stare at enough screens in my day that holding a book feels like a real treat and respite. And whilst I know it’s what’s inside that counts, it adds to the pleasure of a great read when it’s such a good-looking item. The perfect antidote to Kindles, if you ask me.

The patterns are all by established designers and it’s a nice touch that the books include some info on them too.

I’m off to Japan on holiday soon, hence the lack of blog posts for the next 3 weeks, and it seemed appropriate to take The Tortoise and the Hare to read, as the design by Florence Broadhurst is called Japanese Floral. I love Japanese design (frankly, who doesn’t?), especially the fabrics, and so I’m pretty excited about the shopping possibilities. I’m on the hunt for good places to get fabrics, yarn and general craft-related stuff so if you have any recommendations, particularly in Tokyo, please let me know!


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