genevieve – print and pattern

print and pattern

japan: manga cam!



This is officially my favourite iPhone app. I found out about it while I was in Japan via a timely blog post by What Taylor Made and we had fun experimenting with it on a friend’s phone.

“Gyun gyun”

Usefully our friends could understand Japanese so could translate the OTT cartoon captions, but not before various mis-matched captions and pictures had been taken, with pretty funny results. Some of the captions are slightly bizarre – “my back teeth hurt” – and often meaningless – “gyun gyun” – but one day I intend to forge a mini-story out of them, nevertheless.


I’ve never had an iPhone before, but due to manga-mera app withdrawal symptoms, this may be the deciding factor.

“protecting my house”


2 thoughts on “japan: manga cam!

  1. I love your pictures! I always wondered what the captions said. A mini story is a great idea!x

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