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japan: shibuya street art

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I do love a bit of cool street art in a city setting, and you don’t get much more urban than Shibuya’s Centre Gai in Tokyo, something of a catwalk where the fashion brigade shop, eat and go out. It’s a lot of fun to hang out there, people watching whilst scoffing a bowl of ramen or browsing the arcades and shops.

Amongst the neon and bustle, I found these rather beautiful and striking images down a side street. I’ve lived in the same area of London for a while now, so I’ve got used to the gems by Banksy and others. It was refreshing to see something different.

I had a closer look today and a quick google brought me to the artist’s website – 281_Anti Nuke – who simply describes himself as “Artist, Japan, anti nuclear power plant”. I like a lot of his work and I particularly enjoyed the photos of his other work around Tokyo.

I also found this article describing him as a mysterious and controversial Banksy-esque artist.  So far, so intriguing. I’m watching this space…


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