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japan: return of the scrunchie?


Any child of the 90s growing up in Britain will remember the essential hairpiece of choice – ‘the scrunchie’.

When I was a girl, if you didn’t have a full range of scrunchies in various colours and patterns, you were never going to make the cool gang. But around 15 years ago they went out of fashion, and disappeared, never to be seen again.

two scrunchies

I was amused and intrigued to find that in Japan, the ‘chou chou’, as they’re called, is everywhere and very much on trend with Tokyo’s well-dressed women. I loved the way that, whilst mine were all handmade, whipped up on the sewing machine by my mum in whatever cotton material we had around, a lot of these were a step up in quality, design and style. I’d forgotten how comfy they are too – so much kinder on your hair than bands.

cat scrunchie

yellow scrunchie

Our friend kindly gave me two of hers when I left Tokyo as I’d taken such an interest in them, and what a great souvenir!

Who knows whether they’ll ever make it back into fashion but I’m secretly hoping they will, as I’ve developed a bit of a soft spot.

yellow spotty scrunchie


2 thoughts on “japan: return of the scrunchie?

  1. I totally remember scrunchies!!!!! Wear them anyways! They wont come back into fashion unless people start wearing them!!! 🙂

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