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japan: plum wine and sake martinis

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I discovered my new favourite drink in Japan: plum wine or ‘umeshu’.

It’s about the strength of wine, and tastes massively of plums – perhaps unsurprisingly you may say – but it is worth mentioning how truly plummy it is. The main ingredients are sugar, ‘ume’ fruit (somewhere between a plum and an apricot apparently) and shōchū – but the main thing you need to know is that it’s delicious. They sell it everywhere but I particularly enjoyed an apple variety in home brew form at our friends’ place (don’t get me started on the apples in Japan – simply superior).

apple wine

apricot wine

My enthusiasm for the taste, however, paled in comparison to the excitement on seeing the cool designs on offer on the umeshu and sake bottles in the supermarket. Yet another example of impeccable design in an everyday setting. We took home a whole range of mini bottles and I enjoyed lining them up satisfyingly to show off the designs.

one green bottle

one green bottle

The mini-sake bottles were put to use in creating sake martinis, complete with mini pickled Japanese plum instead of an olive.

sake martinis

Shame to finish and recycle the pretty bottles really, but I guess I’ll manage 🙂

two bottles of plum wine


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