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japan: washi tape

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my favourite department store Loft

my favourite department store Loft

I like stationery. A lot. And nearly all the stationery I’ve loved in the last few years has been Japanese. So you can imagine how excited I was about the shopping possibilities in Tokyo. I wasn’t too sure where to find ‘the good stuff’ so I was chuffed to hit the jack-pot in the form of Loft department store in Shibuya on only the second day. There was a WHOLE FLOOR dedicated to stationery and it was high quality.

washi tape

washi tape hanging

I made a beeline for the washi tape section, as this was number 1 on my Japanese stationery wish list. Basically, pattern-porn in tape form. And I bought a LOT (see pics below). Don’t ask me what I’m going to do with all of it, as I’ve got no idea, I just love it.

washi tape and stationery shopping

my stationery haul

two washi tapes

washi tape galore

washi tape tower

mt tape


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