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mustard yellow baby cardigan


mustard yellow cardigan

Hooray – my first knitted garment!

I’ve always thought I’d have ‘arrived’ in a knitting sense when I make my first adult jumper, and whilst that still seems a way off, I’m pretty pleased to have completed my first proper garment, even if it is mini-sized. The arrival of my friend’s daughter was a great excuse to try making a simple cardigan and I found this free pattern on Ravelry. The name ‘5-hour Sweater’, I hasten to add, only applies to speedy knitters and mine was completed bit by bit, rather more slowly.

5 hour baby sweater

niece with yellow cardigan

I’m glad I didn’t know whether it was a girl or a boy, as it made me to pick a gender-neutral mustard yellow colour which I just love with the brown buttons. It’s not a colour you see on babies that often, but I think it looks darn cool, even though I say so myself!

crumpled yellow cardigan yellow cardiganMy littlest niece kindly modelled the finished product as it fitted her perfectly (at 6 months) but I’m looking forward to seeing the owner herself in it in no time at all.

For more details about the pattern and yarn, see my Ravelry page here.

yellow baby cardigan


10 thoughts on “mustard yellow baby cardigan

  1. What a lovely cardigan and colour choice! It is super cute with the wee wooden buttons. Sadly, I don’t know anyone with kids yet to make it for.. will add it to my list for a future date! x

  2. This is a beautiful sweater – well done you! I am jealous of your ability to knit – I know the basics but have stuck with crochet as I just don`t have the patience for knitting. Seeing this lovely cardi makes me think I should pick up some needles. Great blog!

  3. I so know what you mean about ‘arriving’. I haven’t built up the courage, patience or time to make and adult piece of clothing yet, but maybe 2013 is the year it happens!
    I love this cardigan, it’s a gorgeous colour.

  4. Brilliant! This will be the start of a life long obsession. And the colour is excellent. Happy new year.

  5. Love the cardi and the colour you chose. Just gorgeous! Love your screen printing adventures too!

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