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mexican papel picado


mexican papel picado - genevieve blog

Before I even knew where or when I was getting married, before I had planned anything at all for the day, I knew I wanted papel picado. It was pretty much the first decision I made. And not the plastic stuff either – the proper, authentic, tissue paper version from Mexico.

mexican papel picado - genevieve blog

papel picado, “perforated paper”, is made by cutting out intricate patterns from layers of tissue paper with chisels

Mexico has been a bit of a theme in my life – I’ve lived there twice, visited twice more – and I love the traditional banners Mexicans put up at celebrations. I love how beautifully delicate they are, and the elaborate different patterns on each one. A bit like a Mexican version of British bunting.

It was a bit of a mission to get the strings of banners up at the venue, as they can tear so easily, but I was chuffed with the result.

mexican papel picado - genevieve blog

I bought a brightly coloured string of them a few years ago from eBay shop Beyond The Trees, which I was very pleased with, so I didn’t have to look far to buy the wedding version. (Having said that, I can’t seem to see them on there now, perhaps they are re-stocking). I had the coloured ones up for my hen do, and only just managed to bring myself to take them down. They are so cheery.

(Photos by Camera Hannah)


4 thoughts on “mexican papel picado

  1. Hi Jen

    I’ve unsubscribed from your blog but only because I’ve discovered feedly and it is a brilliant way to unclog my hideous inbox, which is out of control and really stressful. So I’m following you on there instead. Glad you’re back into blogging and can’t wait to read your new one too!

    Susie x

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  2. Welcome back, Genevieve, and congratulations on your marriage! Bryony just told me about it all. Love the papel picado; the reception room looks wonderful! I thought of you while in Minneapolis in June as they have some very artistic manhole covers; I’ll send you some photos. Best, Jon

    • Thanks Jon! And thanks for sending me pics of the Minneapolis manhole covers, so nice of you to think of me after my Japan post. I love them! Especially the fish one, and the one that looks like it’s of plums or some other fruit. Great spot!

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