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wedding bouquet - genevieve blog

I’ve always loved cut flowers, but when it came to picking some out for the wedding bouquets, I didn’t really know where to start. I flirted with the idea of bold ranunculus, as marigolds weren’t in season, but in the end, went with my very first idea – apricot, lemon and soft pink peonies and roses. Joi at Flowers by Clowance suggested the cinera eucalyptus foliage and we were set.

peonies and roses - genevieve blog

The nice thing (and slightly scary thing if you’re a control freak like me) is that it’s one of the few bits of the outfit that does remain a surprise on the day. You’ve seen the dress, put it on loads of times, chosen the jewellery, the shoes, had a hair trial… but the flowers arrive on the morning, all fresh and dewy in their jam jars, sparkling with water drops. I really didn’t have a clear impression of what they would look like but I was chuffed to bits. I wish I could have taken them on honeymoon with me.  Luckily I can still drool over the pictures.

wedding bouquet - genevieve blog

welcome to the newlyweds - genevieve blog

And the table flowers were a total joy too.  Jan at the farm offered to fill mismatched vintage jugs for the tables for the refreshingly cheap price of £5 a pop! She made it clear she wasn’t a pro florist, but who cares when they’re this pretty? I asked for a colourful wild flower-style arrangement and they went perfectly with the rural farm venue. Check out those sweet peas! The corn flowers! Sorry, bit gushy there.

wedding flowers - genevieve blog

flowers on the windowsill - genevieve blog

wedding table flowers - genevieve blog

I’m looking at flowers in a whole new light these days and find myself browsing beautiful natural-style arrangements. Now I just need to plant a garden to give me fresh cut flowers on demand… Hmm, with a house as in need of work as mine, it may be a while.

hedgerow flowers - genevieve blog

All photos by Camera Hannah


3 thoughts on “wedding flowers

  1. Welcome back and CONGRATULATIONS! What a pretty looking wedding. Any chance of seeing you in that lovely dress?!

    • Thanks Harriet! As I know you’re a knitter, look out for my blog post soon on a knitted item I wore on my wedding day… as for the dress, well I’m a little shy but there’ll be one with me in it in a post soon. Also, I see you’re at the Selvedge fair in a few weeks, I’m going so I’ll come up and say hello 🙂

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