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wild flower cigarette cards / rubber stamps

I’d been searching for a good copy of The Observer’s Book of Wild Flowers but I was thrilled to get one better than that for Christmas in the form of a set of Wills’s wild flower cigarette cards.

I used to press wild flowers as a child in Cornwall and I love them all the more now, as they remind me of a time when I lived closer to fields, hedgerows and streams. But nostalgia aside, the mini flower cards are just so pretty. I’m hatching a plan to display them somehow, perhaps all lined up as below, or perhaps in a smaller batch.

I’m known as a bit of stamp fiend (of the craft variety, although I’m rather fond of old postage stamps too), so I was super chuffed with these knitting-themed rubber stamps and assorted ink pads I got as well. My love of stamps and knitting all brilliantly rolled into one.

They are by Skull and Cross Buns, a make I’d never heard of, but having checked out the Etsy site, I already want at least half of them. They are so nicely made, and the stamp comes out clean and crisp every time. I also really like the way the rubber stamp is raised quite far from the wooden ‘handle’ bit, which means no nasty accidental marks.

So that’s my print/pattern Christmas present round-up. I reckon I did pretty well! I can’t wait to put them all to good use.


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cornwall calling

near mên-an-tol standing stones on penwith

I’ve been a bit quiet this past week as I’ve been on holiday in the motherland. You can’t beat Cornwall for a bit of country calm, after a hectic few months. Here are some snaps from the past week.

Some neon oranges to match my favourite summer top this year:

orange sea lichen on the lizard

marigolds in the sun

I was surprised to find pattern inspiration on a couple of old doors at the bottom of the garden:

… and on an old jumper:

bramble and wasp