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I’m back!

our wedding - genevieve blog

I’ve had a little break from posting recently to get married and settle into the new place. But having acquired a ‘project’ house massively in need of DIY, and my mind running over ways to incorporate lovely fabrics, patterns and craft projects to my currently overly BROWN home, I’m feeling the need to get bloggy again.

Before I do, as everyone loves a wedding pic, I’ll be blogging about some details from the day. At this point, I’d like to big up my wonderful photographer, Camera Hannah, who took the photos here, and in other wedding posts. She nailed the shots, and just as importantly, was a total joy to have around on the day (and, crucially, a calming presence in the face of pre-ceremony stresses). Highly recommend!

wedding dress - genevieve blog

wedding dress sequins - genevieve blog

wedding venue - genevieve blog



printspiration #5: japan

shibuya neon in tokyo

Hello, I’m back!

Japan was ace. I loved pretty much everything about it, and was sad to leave, knowing that it may be a very long time (and that’s if I’m lucky) until I go back. It’s hard to summarise how I found it but – surprising, beautiful, exhausting and extremely good fun – would be a good start. Exhausting is my own fault, considering how much we packed in.

Unsurprisingly, the next few posts will be Japan-themed. Note: cute stationery may feature. I was certainly not disappointed with the stationery pickings, despite high expectations.

First of all, some pics. I was truly spoiled when it came to pattern inspiration.

vending machine in tokyo narita train station

fortune drawers at senso-ji

lanterns at senso-ji temple

‘noren’ curtains in tsumago

hanazono-jinja shrine

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printspiration #4: nature

Whilst I do love a bit of city graffiti and cool architecture, this week I rummaged through my photos to find some shots of the natural world. And I’m glad I did, as I find this set of photos to be immensely calming. I have a soft spot for the one of the autumn leaf, as it’s my favourite time of year (and it’s just begun!), but I particularly like the tiny glistening leaves on the ground, which I remember seemed almost radioactive in their bright greenness.

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printspiration #3: looking up

ceiling inside the royal festival hall

I once read that remembering to ‘look up’ as you go about your day can enrich it by allowing you to notice all sorts of things you might otherwise miss. This is particularly true in a city, where there are rarely sweeping landscapes or open space, and where shop fronts and things at eye level tend to hog the majority of what you see.

I’m not sure whether I do follow this advice as much as I should but I was browsing through my photos the other day and realised how many interesting patterns and designs can be found by looking upwards, often on ceilings.

light fitting in vienna

notre dame in paris

the great conservatory at syon house

suvarnabhumi airport in bangkok

from underneith the eiffel tower in paris

bar at le meridien hotel in bangkok

entrance to bush house in london

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cornwall calling

near mên-an-tol standing stones on penwith

I’ve been a bit quiet this past week as I’ve been on holiday in the motherland. You can’t beat Cornwall for a bit of country calm, after a hectic few months. Here are some snaps from the past week.

Some neon oranges to match my favourite summer top this year:

orange sea lichen on the lizard

marigolds in the sun

I was surprised to find pattern inspiration on a couple of old doors at the bottom of the garden:

… and on an old jumper:

bramble and wasp


printspiration #2

early morning at the camino real hotel in mexico city

Mexico is a photographer’s feast when it comes to colour and prints – I often wonder if people in Mexico decide on what colour to paint a building or sign based on what colour isn’t already on the street. If they do, I love that attitude. It’s a sight for sore eyes for a colour-hungry Brit used to the mono-grey of the buildings in London and other cities.

Most of the pictures below were taken on a recent trip to Tehuacán, my adopted Mexican home-city.

volkswagon beetle

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giant print in a hotel lobby in bangkok

I have to say, I never thought I’d use a pun to kick off my first ever blog, but there it is. Much of my inspiration for designs comes from what I snap as I go about, whether it’s East London graffiti or vintage typography, modern architecture or nature itself. Nothing escapes my click – roller-coasters, fishing tackle, street signs, musical instruments, train stations, ceilings…

I’ll be posting on here about all things print and pattern: sewing projects made on my trusty Viking, fabrics I spot, screen printing designs, photos for inspiration and my knitting exploits.

Here are a few recent shots I took in London (I’m obsessed with those pots in the Albion, still trying to invent a reason to buy one, including learning to conquer a lifetime dislike of coffee):

building next to the o2

coffee pots in a row at albion cafe

view from the terrace at the royal festival hall

fabrics galore at the cloth house

on the southbank

shadows on the southbank

olympia typewriter