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printspiration #7: snow sunday

snow in stokey - genevieve blog

I couldn’t resist posting the obligatory snow pictures from our white weekend in the UK. Snow has a lovely way of accenting the intricate patterns in tree branches and plants.

I have to admit though that these were taken from the comfort and warmth of my flat. Rather than frolicking in the white stuff, I succumbed to the cold and admired the pretty scenes from the train window on the way to see friends. Essex looked beautiful with its flat expanses as we raced through.

No snow angels for me this year though – must do better next time.

snow in stokey - genevieveblog

footprints in the snow - genevieve blog

snow in stokey - genevieve blog

bicycles in the snow - genevieve blog


Also, thanks so much to What Taylor Made, for nominating me for The One Lovely Blog Award / The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! 


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printspiration #6: japan

lanterns in nishiki food market in kyoto

kyoto station roof

kimono fabric in kyoto

chopstick holders in magome

noren curtains in tsumago


printspiration #5: japan

shibuya neon in tokyo

Hello, I’m back!

Japan was ace. I loved pretty much everything about it, and was sad to leave, knowing that it may be a very long time (and that’s if I’m lucky) until I go back. It’s hard to summarise how I found it but – surprising, beautiful, exhausting and extremely good fun – would be a good start. Exhausting is my own fault, considering how much we packed in.

Unsurprisingly, the next few posts will be Japan-themed. Note: cute stationery may feature. I was certainly not disappointed with the stationery pickings, despite high expectations.

First of all, some pics. I was truly spoiled when it came to pattern inspiration.

vending machine in tokyo narita train station

fortune drawers at senso-ji

lanterns at senso-ji temple

‘noren’ curtains in tsumago

hanazono-jinja shrine