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liberty print note cards / button tin

liberty print note cards - genevieve blog

I got some great Christmas print/pattern presents this year. First up, check out these gorgeous Liberty print note cards.

You can’t really go more decadent in pattern terms than a classic Liberty print but I love the way they are unashamedly bold, covering both the front and back of the cards. I find myself just staring at them, drinking them in – who knows how I’m supposed to give them away! Can’t I just keep them for myself so I can gaze at them? Hmm, thought not…

liberty print note cards

prints in order: pelagia, amarylis, nesfield, clementina

prints in order: pelagia, amarylis, nesfield, clementina

My fave is the Amarylis print – those little blue and red flowers are so satisfying and neat – with the Clementina in second place. Even the inside of the box has a great design.

inside of note card box

For some reason, I haven’t yet blogged about my love of old tins. I collect them, which wasn’t a decision, more the product of not being able to leave behind beautiful tins on a market stall or in a shop. I used to try and justify my regular tin purchases by finding uses for them around the home (“but I really needed a tin for my pins/knitting markers/sugar…”), but now I’ve given up and I’m content to buy them simply because I love them. After all, they’re not expensive and they don’t take up much space.

I do love it when I find the perfect use for a tin though, and when I was given this lovely and unusual one for Christmas from my mum and dad, I saw it immediately as the ultimate button tin. Both my grandmothers had enormous circular tins full to the brim with buttons of every kind you can imagine, and I think it’s time to start mine 🙂

patterned tin

patterned tin